Driveclub VR discounted for Season Pass owners

Sony has confirmed the pricing details for PlayStation VR title Driveclub VR.

Those who had hoped for a free upgrade to the existing game may be disappointed. The full title, which will be released physically and digitally, will be priced at 34.99. Anyone who had bought the Season Pass before yesterday (September 29th) will have the option of upgrading to the VR game for €20 (UK price TBC).

Sony has also spoken about Driveclub VR’s development, seeing as its original developer Evolution was closed in the spring.

Recreating Driveclub as a standalone VR title was a huge task,” Nicola Orru of Sony Studios’ Immersive Technology Group said. As you know, Driveclub had a vast amount of content, so re-engineering the game to render everything in stereoscopic 3D, natively at 60Hz and then adding the head tracking with 120Hz visuals took a long time.

The majority of the game was completed by Evolution, with the remainder carried out by a dedicated team comprised of Evolution Studios veterans, several of which now are also members of the WWS Immersive Technology Group – so you can be assured that Driveclub VR is in safe hands.”

Both Driveclub VR and PlayStation VR will be launched on October 13th.

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