Driver’s always-on DRM scrapped

Ubisoft has altered the way digital rights management works in the PC version of Driver: San Francisco after receiving negative feedback.

Players will no longer be required to have a constant internet connection in order to play the game, reports Rock, Paper, Shotgun, but they will need to sign in online at the game’s launch.

A statement from Ubisoft read: We’ve heard your feedback regarding the permanent internet connection requirement for Driver and have made the decision to no longer include it.

So this means that Driver PC gamers will only need to sign in at game launch but can subsequently choose to play the game offline.”

Ubisoft uses always-on DRM for a range of its PC games, however some titles does not use the system such as Ruse and Assassin’s Creed II. The publisher faced criticism and even server attacks after it announced many of its PC games would require constant net connections. It claimed the move was an anti-piracy measure.

Driver: San Francisco is released on PC on September 30th – almost one month later than its arrival on consoles. The game will hit Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii on September 2nd.

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