Dubious report calls PS3 overpriced

Earlier this month MCV ran a story highlighting a ‘report’ claiming that 87 per cent of PS3 owning males had bedded their girlfriends on the night of the infamous PS3 calendar bug.

The story was tongue-in-cheek to say the least. We thought we’d made it obvious that, while choosing to report the ‘news’, we were more than aware of its dubious methodology. That wasn’t enough to stop us receiving from criticism from users, however, so this time we’re going to be more upfront.

This morning we received an email from www.Preloved.co.uk – which we’re assured is the fastest growing independent second hand classified site – that cites another new ‘study’ concerning PS3.

It claims that the PS3 is the most sought after second hand console, and concludes this is because the machine is overpriced”.

PS3 is overpriced, according to report”. It’s certainly a good headline, and would likely perform well on N4G. But not this time.

The link between this story as the one earlier this month? A PR agency called 10 Yetis, which has clearly cottoned on to the fact that a sensationalist PS3 headline can do wonders for a site’s web traffic.

Its emails also include competitions just for journalists, just so you know.

We wonder how many of these ‘reports’ 10 Yetis can roll out before it finds that any bridges it might have once built have been well and truly burnt? Not many, we’d guess. Though we don’t expect to be receiving any more of its releases in our inbox…

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