Duke Nukem TV ad banned

A UK TV ad for Duke Nukem: Forever has been banned from air before 11pm.

The advertisement features naked women, girls in school uniforms, all topped of with a dash of violence.

Two versions of the ad had previously been cleared for TV after 7:30pm and then after 9:30pm.

However, some 34 viewers still thought it was too ‘offensive, irresponsible, sexist, violent and overly explicit.’ So much so that it could ‘potentially harm children and vulnerable people.’

2K might want to consider putting that on the box.

Take-Two defended the ad, saying the sexual content and violence is ‘exaggerated, non-realistic’ and was meant to reflect the ‘over-the-top and humorous’ nature of the game.

The Advertising Standards Authority didn’t think the ad was overly graphic for broadcast after 9pm, but was a bit concerned by all the naked goings-on.

The advertising regulator said: "We noted that the ad featured two girls in school kilts and bunches about to kiss, and considered that, in the context of other scenes with sexual content, the ad appeared to link teenage girls with sexually provocative behaviour.

"We concluded that the ad was irresponsible and likely to cause serious or widespread offence when broadcast before 11pm."

Take-Two now must not broadcast that ad again before 11pm. Although, we imagine, the Duke Nukem campaign has largely been completed.

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