E3 08: Uncharted Trophy support one month away

With Sony’s

latest PS3 firmware

now out in the wild and seemingly hurting no-one (unlike its

direct predecessor

), Jak and Daxter developer Naughty Dog

has told Joystiq

that a patch which enables Trophy support in its successful PS3 title Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune will be out next month.

The studio’s co-president Evan Wells says the update has already been submitted to Sony for QA testing, and that it was very easy to implement owing to the game’s existing medal system. Wells goes as far as to admit that medals were only included as a direct precursor to Trophies, as the developer hoped the system might already be live by the time the game was released.

In other Trophy news, the latest patch for online shooter Warhawk, which adds retroactive Trophy support, is also now live.

Earlier this month Sony seemingly stated that all PS3 games would eventually support the Trophy system. However, whilst many studios have openly backed the plan, it soon emerged that several others have no immediate intention to revisit their older or nearly-finished titles to implement Trophy support.

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