E3 2010: Can you play Kinect sitting down?

A report by consumer games site IGN has made the startling claim that playing Kinect while sitting on a chair can cause technical problems.

Though the device is clearly designed to provide an energetic gameplay experience, titles such as Child of Eden look more suited to a leisurely game experience. Incompatibility with seats would undoubtedly be a problem.

According to Microsoft, you can play some Kinect games sitting down,” the site reads.

It ‘varies’ by experience. However, several developers giving us demos have said the exact opposite. Sometimes the contradiction comes from the same person–one day telling us you have to be standing and then the next saying everything can be done while sitting.

Which is true? We don’t know for certain, as we have not had the opportunity to play anything seated. Suffice to say, if you have to stand for every game (or for menu navigation), that’s a big problem. This remains a concern until we ourselves can test out Kinect from our rear.”

Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg has since come out and insisted via Twitter that a seated Kinect experience is certainly possible.

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