E3 2010: First four Natal games named

The first four games to come from Microsoft to support the launch of its motion camera Natal have been named – Living Statue, Obstacle Course, River Rush and Ricochet.

These titles are expected to form the backbone of Microsoft’s pre-E3 gathering this Sunday. The details of exactly which games will officially become launch titles alongside the device later this year will not be announced until the company’s press conference on Monday.

Furthermore, there will be a total of around 12 additional Natal titles announced throughout E3, though details of those are also being kept under wraps until Monday.

The LA Times reports that Living Statue is a media sharing tool that allows players to record their avatars doing all manner of things such as singing and dancing. This can then be shared with friends over social networks.

Obstacle Course plays very much as the name would suggest, with gamers navigating a series of army-style training runs.

River Rush has already been publicised and sees players indulge in a spot of white water rafting. Ricochet was one of the first games unveiled for the device and requires users block a barrage of balls using their hands and feet.

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