E3 2010: Kinect Star Wars steals the show

Microsoft has confirmed that a Kinect-based Star Wars title is in development.

The game, of which the licence is owned by LucasArts, was unveiled today at Microsoft’s Pre-E3 World Premier event in Los Angeles and took by far the biggest cheer.

Details of the Star Wars title are thin on the ground – with no name, no developer and no release date announced.

Yet attendees watching on at the event were given a tantalizing glimpse of the project, with a two minute pre-recorded gameplay demo showing the game’s Jedi protagonist swing a LightSaber in time to the player’s arm movements.

The player proceeded to deflect Storm Trooper laser beams by swinging his arms, and – something which delighted the Star Wars fans watching on – was able to use force attacks via his own body movements.

Storm Troopers were tossed across the screen with the player’s flick of the wrist and swing of the arm, while another gang of drones were floored by a shockwave burst as the player swiftly shot both hands down to his sides.

The title is most likely being developed and published by LucasArts, though no confirmation has been given yet.

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