E3 2010: Microsoft roundup

A release date for Kinect and a brand new Xbox that’s already on the way to retailers – those are the headlines from an energetic E3 press conference from platform holder Microsoft.

However, the elusive RRP for Kinect remains a mystery for now.

Though we’d already seen pictures of the new Xbox 360, the fact that it will be in shops as early as tomorrow is surely the big surprise that Microsoft had promised and a remarkable achievement, considering the platform holder had to stop retailers from slipping the news to the press.

UK gamers face an unwelcome wait to get their hands on the machine, however.

There was of course, too, the news that all Call of Duty DLC will be a timed Xbox 360 exclusive until 2012 and confirmation that Metal Gear Solid Rising will support Kinect.

Here’s a run-down of everything that happened:

* Xbox Slim revealed, on its way to retail
* UK launch date of July 16th for Xbox 360 Slim
* Kinect gets November 4th launch date in North America
* Call of Duty DLC to get times Xbox exclusivity until 2012
* Metal Gear Solid Rising gets Kinect support
* GAME starts taking Kinect pre-orders price still TBC
* Crytek reveals Xbox 360 exclusive Codename Kingdoms
* Star Wars Kinect feels the Force
* Fable III takes to the stage
* Ubisoft reveals Kinect fitness title
* Gears of War 3 gets demoed
* Forza 4 announced, gets Kinect support
* Microsoft reveals controller-less Video Kinect software
* Total Halo series sales reach 34m worldwide
* Kinectimals gives Xbox 360 the cute factor
* ESPN signs free content deal for Gold subscribers
* Kinect Sports revealed
* Kinect gets lenghty demo
* Dance Central eyes big audience
* Doubters silenced by impressive Kinect demonstration
* Microsoft eyes 100m userbase
* 2010 "a year of transformation" for Xbox

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