E3 2010: Microsoft to steal the show?

After last year’s string of pre-E3 leaks left more or less no surprises for the actual platform holder conferences, there’s an increasing belief that Microsoft has something big up its sleeve for tomorrow’s official E3 press briefing.

With Nintendo set to unveil the said-to-be impressive 3DS at its press briefing on Tuesday and Sony known to be packing a number of exclusive first party PS3 games and the game-changing Move controller (and maybe the PSP 2?) on the same day, pre-E3 predictions for Microsoft’s showing had been less than favourable.

But Microsoft is clearly in confident mood.

On Friday it told Xbox.com members to expect a reveal to better last year’s Natal announcement. Now a source has told VG247 in LA that they have never seen anything like” the security surrounding Microsoft’s E3 press stage.

The meat’s locked down tighter than the US president’s nuclear go codes. It’s like, Mattrick and two other guys know everything. It’s insane,” the source continued.

As to what such an announcement could be? A Slim redesign for the Xbox 360 has been rumoured for some time, though would perhaps fail to live up the hype MS is very deliberately creating.

Perhaps if the console packed Blu-ray it might.

Industry chatter over the last few days has even seen the resurrection of the old Xbox handheld speculation, though that would be a very big surprise.

MCV will be offering live coverage of all three platformer holder conferences at this year’s event.

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