E3 2010: Sly getting HD PS3 reboot

We’ve got no surprises left!” That’s what a Sony rep jokingly told MCV last month as rumour upon rumour about possible E3 reveals flooded the internet. But if current talk doing the rounds is to be believed, Sony still has some surprises left for the tonight’s show.

VG247 reckons that along with the HD Team Ico bundle (including remakes of both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus) Sony will tonight reveal a new HD bundle including refreshed versions of the PS2 Sly Cooper trilogy.

Better still the site thinks a third, still mysterious, HD reboot will also be shown off to the crowd.

In further Sony rumours, Kotaku reckons that Patapon 3 and Twisted Metal X will also be unveiled for PS3. Oh, and VG247 also predicts reveals for EyePet PSP and Invizimals on PS3.

Of course, were Sony to reveal the PSP 2 that would undoubtedly steal all the E3 2010 limelight. But don’t hold your breath.

Sony’s E3 press conference kicks off tonight at 8pm UK time. MCV will be covering it live, as well as Nintendo’s press briefing at 5pm.

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