E3 2010: Star Wars Kinect video

The first video of the still mysterious Kinect Star Wars game from last night’s Microsoft pre-E3 press gathering has gone live, and you can watch it here.

Details of the title are thin on the ground – with no name, no developer and no release date announced. Yet attendees watching on at the event were given a tantalizing glimpse of the project, with a two minute pre-recorded gameplay demo showing the game’s Jedi protagonist swing a LightSaber in time to the player’s arm movements.

However, though the video has caused plenty of excitement, lots of questions are being asked about its validity. After repeated viewings it certainly does appear as if the on-stage actor is following the game’s actions rather than the other way around.

So convinced are many that the demonstration was fake that it has already become a topic of fascination online.

Nonetheless, check out the brief video below:

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