E3 2010: Ubi’s Motion-control sports duo

Ubisoft will be rolling out two motion-controlled sports compilations this Q4 in order to support Microsoft and Sony’s hardware launches.

The company announced Racquet Sports and MotionSports during its E3 press conference. The games have been designed exclusively for Move and Kinect, respectively.

Racquet Sports will be released first, hitting shelves shortly after the Move’s launch around the end of September, and features sports such as tennis, badminton and squash. The Racquet Sports franchise has previously been released for Wii, but this edition has been developed specifically for Sony’s technology.

MotionSports, meanwhile, features a much more varied roster of sports, including football (both English and American types), skiing, horseback riding, hang gliding and boxing. Each game has been developed for the controller-less input of Microsoft’s Kinect.

MotionSports has been confirmed as one of 15 launch titles for Kinect, which is due to be released in the UK in November..

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