E3 2011: Vita may launch in 2012 outside Japan

PlayStation Vita may not launch in territories outside Japan until 2012.

That’s according to SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton, who told Reuters the handheld console will go on sale in Japan by the end of the year, but may not arrive elsewhere until 2012.

Sony also expects Vita to sell faster than its predecessor – the PSP.

"If we were able to hit the 70m mark for PSP, we want to exceed that both in terms of numbers and timing to get to that number," said PlayStation chief Kaz Hirai.

Vita was officially priced and dated at E3 during Sony’s conference on Monday.

The WiFi Vita model will retail for €249 in Europe, $249.99 in the US and YEN 24,980 in Japan. The 3G version will cost €299 in Europe, $299.99 in the US and YEN 29,980 in Japan.

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