E3 2012: Did you miss anything?

E3 has closed its doors, but don’t panic – everything you need to know about this year’s video games extravaganza is right here on MCVuk.com.

Throughout the past week our teams at home and on the show floor in Los Angeles – not to mention our international crews at MCVpacific.com, MCVnordic.com and MCVindia.com – have covered every major announcement, from the five major press conferences to all the new game announcements and release dates emerging from the exhibitors.

Worried you might have missed something? Not sure what this newfangled SmartGlass is, or why everyone’s so excited about Watch Dogs? Then what you need is our comprehensive E3 20120 round-up:


More details on Gears of War Judgement

Halo 4 opens E3 conference

Splinter Cell: Black List set for spring 2013

Kinect controls confirmed for FIFA, Madden

Forza Horizon takes a new direction

Xbox to double entertainment range

Nike to release Kinect fitness game

SmartGlass brings Xbox devices together

Xbox 360 FINALLY gets web browser

Tomb Raider DLC exclusive to 360

Resident Evil 6 DLC deal struck

South Park creators mock SmartGlass

Dance Central 3 confirmed

E3 presser closes with Call of Duty Black Ops II

Summer of Arcade line-up revealed

SmartGlass offers the next evolution for Xbox brand

Blockbuster year of games for Xbox 360

$99 Xbox subscription deal rolled out to retail

INTERVIEW: Yusuf Mehdi talks about the future of Xbox

All gaming will be cloud based "someday", admits MS


Beyond officially revealed, starring Ellen Page

PlayStation All-Stars coming to Vita

200 PSN games coming over the next 12 months

Vita exclusive Assassin’s Creed coming October 30th

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified comes to Vita this year

Assassin’s Creed III hardware bundle revealed

JK Rowling on-board for new PS3 service ‘Wonderbook’

PlayStation games coming to HTC phones

New God of War lands March 12th, 2013

Last of Us goes down a storm at E3

WATCH THE VIDEO: Sony’s Beyond: Two Souls

Sony unveils Move Racing Wheel

European PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection detailed

Uncertainty hangs over The Last Guardian future

Tretton says Sony "not first, not cheapest"

Sony rules out Vita price cut

INTERVIEW: President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida PART 1

INTERVIEW PART 2: Shuhei Yoshida talks cloud gaming

Sony is "looking at what OnLive is doing"

Sony says its competitors "are losing the plot"


Wii U controller christened ‘Wii U GamePad’

Wii U to get ‘Pro Controller’ gamepad

Nintendo’s online vision brings people together

Pikmin 3 finally unveiled

Wii U multi-gamepad support confirmed

New Super Mario Bros U detailed

Batman Arkham City Armoured Edition revealed

Scribblenauts Unlimited bound for Wii U

Mass Effect 3 confirmed for Wii U

Sing brings karaoke to Wii U

Wii Fit U announced

3DS Mario trio dated

Ubisoft emphasises Wii U commitment

NintendoLand to be Wii U’s Wii Sports

LEGO does GTA on Wii U

Wii U will support 1080p, releases full game list

Platinum Games working on Wii U title

Wii U GamePad charge lasts 3-5 hours

Wii saves and games can transfer to Wii U

Nintendo shares fall following E3 presentation

Miiverse messages will be moderated, delayed

Molyneux and Microsoft question Wii U design


Dead Space 3 set for February launch

Sim City Social imminent

Battlefield 3 Premium subscription goes live today

Sim City due February 2013

THQ drops UFC licence, EA picks it up

New Need for Speed gets October 30th date

NBA Live 13 dated for October

The Old Republic free-to-play level 15 cap on the way

Crysis 3 stalks onto shelves next February

EA says E3’12 "is the opening act of next-gen cycle shift"

Riccitiello reckons Mass Effect 3 is Wii U’s best of E3


First Splinter Cell Black List screens appear

Just Dance 4 out October 4th

Eight Wii U games announced

Adult Wii U title ZombiU set for launch

WATCH THE VIDEO: Ubisoft’s new IP Watch Dogs revealed

Watch Dogs could be next-gen, will use SmartGlass

Ubi considers ZombiU for SmartGlass, Vita


Retailer lists Diablo III for PS3

Sainsbury’s reveals E3 game promotion

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive dated

Painkiller sequel announced

WATCH THE VIDEO: Star Wars 1313 gameplay trailer

E3 could abandon LA for 2013 event

Gaikai strikes Samsung Smart TV deal

OnLive claims "millions" of users, 100% uptime since launch

Persona 4 Arena NA release date announced

Dead Island Riptide announced

Has the next-gen already made its E3 debut?

Square Enix reveals next-gen game engine

Original Snoop Dogg track features in Tekken Tag Tournament 2

IO apologises for Hitman trailer, is "surprised" by response

Gaikai denies Sony takeover deal

OnLive iOS app is STILL awaiting approval

Ustwo endures fresh PR misery

Gamescom next as E3 nears the end

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