Jack Tretton discredits speculation PS4 will be first next-gen machine

E3 2012: Sony: ‘We’re not first, not cheapest’

SCEE CEO Jack Tretton has stepped in to counter speculation that Sony is aiming to make the PS4 the first released console of the next generation machines.

Speaking to GameTrailers Tretton stated: "We’ve never been first, we’ve never been cheapest, it’s about being best."

"And I think if you can build a better machine and it’s going to come out a little bit later, that’s better than rushing something to market that’s going to run out of gas for the long-term."

While no news came of the PS4 at this year’s E3, the industry is poised to begin working with the next generation machines, and more information from Sony and Microsoft is expected to arrive relatively soon.

No concrete details of the launch and form of the ‘PS4’ and ‘Xbox 720’ have yet been released. While the Wii U has long been paraded in front of the public, a launch date and price remain a mystery, beyond an expected release this year.

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