Police visit Ouya booth as company spars with E3 organizers

E3 2013: Ouya duels with ESA over E3 presence

The police paid a visit to Ouya’s booth outside of the E3 expo in Las Angeles today, which the people behind the microconsole see as part of an ongoing dispute with the ESA

Ouya decided their presence at the event wouldn’t be in the main expo hall, but at an outdoor booth in the parking lot opposite the show.

This meant that the public would be able to get a look at their product without paying for an event pass, which IGN reports has caused something of a row with E3’s organizers.

The drama began at 9am when industry trade body and event host the ESA rented the area in front of Ouya’s tailgate expo, parking trucks between the display and the street.

Ouya founder Julie Uhrman felt this was an attempt to hide the company’s presence at the event and fired back, placing banners in front of the ESA’s blockade.

At this point the police were called in to check Ouya’s permits but decided everything was in order and left the startup alone.

“If ten more trucks show up, we’ll come up with another idea. I have a few up my sleeve,” said Uhrman.

Uhrman claims her company is being targeted because of its decision to bypass the ESA and attend the event without the restrictions of a traditional floorspace.

Ouya plans to expand its presence on the second day of the event and has reached out to the trade body to resolve the dispute, but has not heard back.

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