Xbox 360 will sell more worldwide than PS3. We will do this by having a selection of consoles with prices for everyone.”

Microsoft’s Xbox boss

Don Mattrick

kicks off the show by stating the platform holder’s lofty ambitions

Today, a new member joins Xbox Live every five seconds – adding to over 12 million members. I’m thrilled to share with you that, since we launched 360, consumers have spent more than $1 billion on Xbox Live.”

Head of Xbox Live

John Shappert

goes public with some big numbers as he reveals new avatar and content download functionality on Xbox

It shows that a long list of former PlayStation franchises are now finding a new home on 360. It’s happened with Guitar Hero, it’s happened with Madden and now it’s happening with Resident Evil and Final Fantasy.”

A jubilant

Don Mattrick

follows up the Final Fantasy XIII reveal by stating that Xbox in increasingly becoming an option for PlayStation’s key franchises

There is still work to be done breaking down barriers. We know from experience that even if an idea is revolutionary, people still get bored of it – this happens even more if people try to re-produce what has been done before.”

Nintendo president

Satoru Iwata

states that the trade must not rest on its laurels – and must certainly not just copy what has gone before – to push the industry forward

It’s inevitable that when the paradigm shifts, imitation is just around the corner. The next challenge is to disrupt your own thinking.”

Nintendo of America boss

Reggie Fils-Aime

backs his colleague in stressing the importance of new ideas – and takes a swipe at its imitators.

2008 is the year of PS3, but we’re just getting started. We’ve just begun to scratch the service of what we plan to deliver ahead.”

Jack Tretton

, head of SCEA, states his case at Sony’s E3 Media Briefing

As Henry Ford once said, if I’d have asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said: ‘A faster horse’”


again, looking to confirm Sony’s credentials as the long-term visionaries with PS3

From a portable gaming perspective, there is no equal. PSP is an offering that no other handheld can match.”


adds that in terms of handheld power, PSP is unrivalled

It’s been a transformational year for the industry and Activision. We’re still only scratching the surface of expanding gaming experience in mainstream entertainment.”

Activision Blizzard’s

Mike Griffith

sums up and eventful year for the publisher and indeed the wider industry

We had a great year last year, but that was just an hors d’oeuvre – our pipeline this year is even more impressive.”

Take Two’s

Strauss Zelnick

ignores the ongoing EA takeover saga to stress the importance of its forthcoming line-up

"The 40GB model will be replaced by 80GB. Don’t ask if we’re going to go down in price on 40GB – the answer is no.”

SCEE CEO and president

David Reeves

tells an exclusive gathering of European media that the newly-announced 80GB PS3 will be heading to Europe on August 27th as the 40GB SKU is phased out

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