Develop talks to the CEO of the studio behind Crysis 2

E3 Interview: Crytek

Few would deny the original Crysis of being ambitious; it was a vast, meticulously detailed FPS of incredible power. Though released in 2007, most PCs to this very day struggle to run the game at its highest settings.

Perhaps more ambitious is the concept of Crysis 2; an FPS that aims to be cutting-edge not just on PC, but on Xbox 360 and PS3 as well. Rarely can developers raise the bar unless focused on a single platform, yet Germany-headquartered developers Crytek have faith that the versatile CryENGINE 3 tool can help the studio break the mould.

Develop sits down with company CEO Cevat Yerli to further discuss the studio’s aspirations.

Many have said that the CryEngine 3’s capabilities will be able to fully utilise PS3 hardware. Is this true, and do you feel Crysis 2 will be able to explicitly show a difference in hardware power between PS3, PC and Xbox 360?
I believe with Crysis 2 both the PS3 and 360 versions of the game will perform to their limits, until there is no more water in the rock.

As for difference, between Consoles and PC I see a difference. The PC version will outscale and outperform the consoles, between each console I believe the experience will be finally both next-generation, but similar experience.

Our goal is not to look at it like PC versus 360 versus PS3. Our Crysis 2 team has a clear goal: make the most awesome, innovative, kick ass PC, 360 and PS3 shooter. Being best on each will put Crysis 2 in its place as the best FPS in general.

Moving an IP like Crysis to consoles as well as PC means that you’ll be facing more competition in the FPS genre. How does Crytek approach this new challenge, and what does it think of its new competition?
Yes and no really. Our mindset, goal and approach was to look at deliver the best FPS when we ship, not just for a specific platform. So that approach won’t be different, just this time the challenge is not only to lead, but to make sure that our leading FPS is accessible and enjoyable by the widest possible audience possible.

When did production on Crysis 2 begin? How are you splitting your team in regards to console and PC production?
We started development pre-production about 2 years ago, just around the finishing period of Crysis 1. There is no split between a dedicated PC and console staff, we work simultaneously on all platforms and then there are some dedicated people on each.

In total, the staff of Crysis 2 reaches 150 and this is not counting freelancers, contractor and within Crytek people that support the project.

Do you anticipate the development of Crysis 2 will take less time to finish than its predecessor?
It’s difficult to say, but we hope so; so yes, in general.

Why have you chosen EA as your publishing partner again? What do they add to the project?
EA is committed to support Crysis 2 at an industry-event level for PR & Marketing. We have a commitment to each other that stems from our strong relation from the past through Crysis and Warhead.

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