E3: Media Predictions

Jon Hicks – Editor, OXM
Predictably, I’m really looking forward to seeing Project Natal’s real name and launch lineup. Not so much the inevitable fitness games, lovely though I’m sure they’ll be, but the more innovative uses of the platform – Natal is a really interesting technology, and I can dimly conceive of all sorts of different uses for it beyond just batting balls around.
And at the risk of being banned from the games industry, I have to admit I’ve barely played the original XCOM games, but the reboot looks really smart.

Adam Rosser – Reporter/Producer, BBC

What I want out of E3 are surprises, real ‘where the hell did that come from?’ moments. Outside of that I’d like some answers to questions like; will the 3DS work? Can Activision keep up the momentum?

Guy Cocker – Editor, GameSpot UK
I’m hoping Natal will provide compelling games and interesting technical innovations. I’m hoping for some true surprises and upsets, such as the PSP2 from Sony. And I’m crossing my fingers for some great new in-house titles from Nintendo. That said, I love the big reveals at E3, so I’m more excited about what I don’t know than what I do.

Adam McCann – Operations Director, VideoGamer.com
Motion control aside, I’ll be interested to see how Nintendo and Sony plan to tackle the encroaching Apple threat with their new portable devices. The 3DS we know a fair bit about, but what does Sony have up its sleeves – PSP2? I look forward to finding out. I’d love to give the 3DS a bash, but whether it’ll be playable remains to be seen. I’m also looking forward to playing Brink, Super Scribblenauts and Crysis 2.

Dave Cook – Staff Writer, NowGamer
While I’m really looking forward to seeing more from numbered sequels like Gears of War 3 and (wishful thinking) Half-Life 2: Episode 3, I’m really looking forward to brand new IP like Limbo and Vanquish. Particularly the latter – I was a massive fan of Clover Studios and now I’m a keen Platinum Games follower.

Tim Ingham – Editor, CVG.com
I’m hoping for some non-skipping, yoga and treadmill-orientated Natal titles that suspend belief. Also, I’d love to see Zelda Wii and Arkham Asylum 2 stealing the show, and I’m looking forward to buzzing around with a dictaphone clandestinely acquiring tasty quotes from your boss, lead producer, and/or cleaner to put on the internet. Yes, you.
Even though I’m not the biggest Halo-head, being part of the final grand unveiling of Reach promises to be something pretty special.

Tom Bramwell – Editor, Eurogamer
I hope that Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo can deliver the innovative games they will need to support the new technologies they are all pushing. And as an avid Burnout Paradise fan, I dearly hope Criterion’s new vision of Need for Speed is finally on display at E3.

Darran Jones – Editor, Retro Gamer
The same as always really. Sega to announce Shenmue 3, Panzer Dragoon Saga 2, Streets of Rage 4, Out Run 3, Jet Set Radio 3. Oh and a brand new console for me to play them all on. It’s an unlikely scenario, so I’ll be happy to settle for Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and with any luck Namco will unveil its plans for its new Pac-Man game.

Ben Wilson – Editor, OPM
I expect more big stuff on the PlayStation Move front, both in terms of showcasing just how flexible and groundbreaking the new control system can be, and revealing some of the more kitsch titles Sony is developing for it.
Plus 3D looks like it’s going to transform how games are both played and developed, so it’ll be fascinating to hear more on how Sony plans to use that technology in tandem with Move. It’s a natural marriage.
That said, there’s one game in particular I expect to steal the show: think enhanced humans and alien planets and the biggest guns you’ve ever seen – but now with added snow (yes, snow.) Take a bow, Killzone 3.

Tim Clark – Editor-in-Chief, FirstPlay
I hope that the hardware manufacturers each have genuine surprises at their conferences, as that always energises the rest of the show. I also hope Zampella and Ward storm on stage during the Activision presser in the same style as when lesbians took on Sue Lawley.

Pat Garratt – Editor, VG247.com
My hope is that E3 2010 is a banner software year, as every indication suggests we’re going to see a great list of games for Christmas. I just want all the platform holders to knock their conferences out of the park and set us up for growth and excitement for the rest of the year. There’s far too much at such a high quality to pick a single game.

Mike Channell – Reviews Editor, OXM
My main hope for E3 is simply that it’s as big and spectacular as last year. I watched the press conferences from the UK last year giddy with excitement at the changing face of the industry. With this year being the first time I’ll actually be out in LA for the expo, I’m hoping the big press conferences will be just as bombastic as 2009’s.

Alex Simmons – Editor, IGN
I’m most looking forward to playing Nintendo’s 3DS. There’s been a lot of talk about 3D and how it could potentially revolutionise gaming, but I can only see that happening when you’re able experience 3D without the aid of glasses or other add-ons. The 3DS promises that right now, and on the go. Of course, it might not be the giant leap forward that Avatar was to movies, but Nintendo’s pedigree of introducing cutting-edge technology to a broad audience means playing 3DS is personally one of the most exciting events to happen at E3 for a long time.

Rick Porter – Editor-in-Chief, GamesTM
Microsoft and Sony will show their true hands with regard to Natal and Move and, along with the level of third-party support for each, this will shape much of what we’re going to be seeing over the next year or so. I’m expecting the 3DS and Vitality Sensor to cause a stir as well. With no sign of a new console, it’s up to these control methods and innovations to push things forward and, hopefully, this is going to be a great year for progress.

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