EA adopts Ubisofts DRM solution

Electronic Arts has revealed that Command & Conquer 4 owners will require an internet connection to play the game.

The publisher has foregone the traditional protective measures of DRM in favour of a system similar to that of Ubisoft’s ‘always connected’ anti-piracy system.

On the official C&C4 forums, moderator EA_Apoc said: Command & Conquer 4 has no DRM. To play [the game], the computer needs to be connected to the Internet. We’ve always made this clear.”

The moderator gave no further details, such as whether or not the connection needs to be constant, as it does with Ubisoft’s controversial system. Ubisoft’s own anti-piracy solution has already been troubled by consumer backlash and server attacks.

It is unclear whether EA will be adopting this system with future PC titles or seek new alternatives to DRM. Yesterday, we reported that the publisher has removed the unpopular SecuROM from Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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