EA announces Godfather II

Electronic Arts has confirmed that it will release a sequel to its multi-platinum Godfather adaptation in February next year.

Developed for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, the title will be set in an open world environment lie its predessecor, which was released in 1997.

However, EA says that this time round it also offers a new combo system, ‘pressure tactics’ and ‘executions’ – as well as more strategic, squad-based elements.

The title introduces The Don’s View – an innovative strategy meta-game that allows players to oversee the entire world as they grow the family business.

The story sees the player promoted by Michael Corleone to Don of New York, allowing them to expand to new cities as they build up their families through extorting businesses, monopolising illegal crime rings and defeating rival factions.

In the 1960’s, a mafia Don was only as strong as his family,” said executive Producer of The Godfather II, Hunter Smith.

We found the hierarchical culture of organized crime intriguing. Running an organized crime family in a world defined by family loyalty is something that we felt could introduce a new strategic element to the genre.

That is what the Don’s View is all about – laying out a strategy to pick off the competition one by one. The Don’s View is so unique, it could fundamentally change the rules of open-world games by blending action and strategy to create something entirely new.”

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