EA calls time on Spielberg collaboration

Five years on from its formation and with just one game to show for it, EA has confirmed that its collaborative partnership with Hollywood movie director Steven Spielberg has been cancelled.

The pair has until recently still thought to be working on the secretive Project LMNO. However, speaking to Gamasutra EA confirmed the game’s cancellation, though did add that it maintains its relationship with Steven Spielberg”.

EA developer Jake Kazdal was the last to speak about Project LMNO, saying: I don’t know exactly what was the thing that made it fall apart. I’m sure anybody you ask is gonna tell you something a little bit different, but it didn’t end up ever taking off.

There was some rival game stuff that may or may not have come out of EA that was basically the same thing minus some of the stuff we were doing. There was just a lot of politics.”

The pair first joined forces in 2005, though the only game to emerge from the venture was 2008 Wii title Boom Blox, which was critically popular but only an average performer on the High Street.

Rumours of trouble in the Spielberg camp started to materialise in late 2008.

Just last week Spielberg’s name was being linked with a possible new move to get the Halo movie back on track.

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