EA Sports EVP Andrew Wilson scores big by cashing in

EA exec sells all his stock

Executive vice president of EA Sports Andrew Wilson has sold all 32,000 of his shares in the publisher.

The sale was timed as EA’s stock price reached a five-year high on Wednesday, rocketing to $21.68 at peak.

Earlier in the week shares sold for under $18 but by the time trading closed on Friday the values had climbed to $22.48 a share.

As reported by Gamespot, a document from the Securities and Exchanges Commission shows sold his stock for $21.42 a share: a value of over $687,000.

Wilson is now the only EA executive to have no shares in the company, and EA has not provided a reason the vice president of its profitable sports division would sell.

There are certainly other possible reason for Wilson to make such a move, but removing his stake in the company has raised questions about his intent to remain at EA.

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