Gamescom 09: EA Canada claims that 70% of its team focused on delivering requests from fan feedback

EA: ‘FIFA 10 will be the greatest football game ever’

EA’s FIFA team has revealed a whole range of additions made to its upcoming FIFA 10 game, with the studio promising that these new features have resulted in the creation of the greatest football game of all time.

Speaking at a press conference during the 2009 Gamescom event, EA Canada’s David Rutter claimed that 70 per cent of the FIFA team had focused their efforts on fan feedback.

The result is a huge range of new additions to the football game, from a set-piece creator to improved online match-making to an enhanced fair play system.

Rutter also confirmed that the game will include a new feature where players can upload their own mugshots to the FIFA website and apply that image to the 3D models in the game.

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