EA: Mobile needs more core games

Travis Boatman, EA Mobile VP of Worldwide Studios, claims there is huge market potential for core-focused mobile games.

Speaking at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas, the man who helped to bring Dead Space to the iPhone and iPad claimed the notion that mobile games are for casual consumers is just a myth, according to Gamasutra.

Boatman claimed this was a misconception created by the success of titles such as Angry Birds, but insisted mobile phones are really out there for everybody”. He added that the success of the iOS Dead Space proves that there is a hungry market out there looking for [deep, immersive] experiences”.

Other myths he dispelled included the idea that mobile players are always on the move – 47 per cent of these consumers play at home – and that big name brands don’t matter when it comes to making a success. He finished up by predicting that the mobile games market will evolve even more in the next few years.

I don’t think the industry stops here,” he said. There’s such a bright future [for young developers] that are attacking a space that is so familiar to them. We’re just on the cusp of something great. I think in three years you won’t recognise the state of the mobile industry.”

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