EA: Modern Warfare damaged

The Modern Warfare franchise may never be the same again – that’s the claim of EA Partners boss David DeMartini who thinks that the world-conquering FPS franchise may never recover from the fallout of Activision and Infinity Ward’s disagreement.

I don’t like to see that go on in our industry at all,” DeMartini told CVG. That was a hugely successful franchise. I’m sure Vince and Jason didn’t want to get fired and now looking at it the whole thing’s kind of blown up.

A franchise is damaged – maybe never to be the same again. But then at the same time other things spring up. As one thing dies, you have Respawn popping up, who are going to do other great things in collaboration with us now.

You know, I guess everything happens for a reason. You just kind of look at a situation and you shake your head and go ‘How did this all come to be?’. But it did come to be and we just couldn’t be happier to work with Vince and Jason and the team at Respawn.”

Activision recently confirmed that Infinity Ward is still working on a Call of Duty title, which is expected to be released in 2011.

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