EA: MoH didnt meet quality expectations

The new Medal of Honor game didn’t meet the high standards expected of it, EA has claimed.

As a title that marked a reboot for EA’s successful shooter franchise, it went straight to the top of the games charts following its release on October 15th. In the weeks since then it has remained in the Top Ten, and currently sits at No.6.

EA didn’t comment on sales, but said the game should have been a stronger product.

The game didn’t meet our quality expectations,” said EA executive Patrick Soderlund who is responsible for the publisher’s driving and shooting games.

In an interview with Eurogamer he said: In order to be successful in that space, we’re going to have to have a game that is really, really strong.”

Soderlund went on to suggest that the game is better than its general reception from critics and games journalists.

Medal of Honor is to some extent judged harsher than it should be. The game is better than today’s reviews are indicating,” he added.

However I’m proud of what the game is and proud of what the team did. We need to convince the market we can make something they appreciate more, particularly to be able to compete.

I’m not saying Medal of Honor is a failure. It is a successful reboot of that franchise and we’re going to be strong in the future.”

Medal of Honor currently has an average Metacritic score of 75 per cent.

EA previously told MCV that it will beat Activision’s Call of Duty as the No.1 shooter franchise, but it may take a few years to do so.

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