Company to offer new roles to some staff made redundant; Others to go

EA Montreal in studio restructure

Electronic Arts is reorganising its Montreal studio as part of a wider shift from boxed to digital content, the company has confirmed.

A small number of staff are expected to leave the company as a result, EA claimed.

"EA Montreal is reorganising some teams to focus on digital initiatives, including new mobile and social projects," a spokesperson for the company told GamesIndustry International.

An insider for the company claimed that as many as 50 positions will be terminated. However, the actual loss in workforce is not expected to be as acute due to some staff offered other positions within the company.

“These are routine changes that address the cyclical nature of the game industry. A very small number of employees will be impacted – many will be assigned to new projects at EA, others will leave the company,” EA added.

Off the back of speculation that the company will issue redundancies to hundreds of its staff, EA has repeatedly insisted that its net headcount will have climbed by the end of the year.

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