EA: PES is struggling

With FIFA 10 taking EA’s football series to new critical and commercial heights, the publisher has lashed out at Konami’s rival series Pro Evolution Soccer.

PES is struggling like most other non-mainstream franchises,” EA UK’s vice president Keith Ramsdale stated at an EA press event earlier this week, according to Videogamer.

This is very much a FIFA and Call of Duty year. FIFA – the quality bar is, again, unbelievable. [It has a] 91 per cent Metacritic on the two next-gen formats. 1.7m units sold the first weekend in Europe. Extraordinary numbers.

There is quality product out there that is failing in the marketplace that at any other time would perform very well. So it’s a tough place, but FIFA is a beneficiary of that, and we’re really pleased with how FIFA’s coming along.”

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