EA pulls E3 show booth in favour of public event, ESA says it’s a good thing

EA will not have its massive E3 booth this year, the firm has confirmed.

Instead, Electronic Arts will be holding public events in Los Angeles, as well as London. E3 is not open to consumers, and EA wants to show its latest titles directly with fans.

It follows a number of high profile changes at E3. Sega has also stopped attending the show with its own booth, while Nintendo has not held its traditional E3 press event for some time.

Last year, Bethesda and Square Enix held press events, instead. Making it one of the busiest shows in recent memories.

E3 organiers The ESA has played down the absence of EA. Telling GamesIndustry that the new public events will only boost the week-long festival of games.

"EA’s player experience underscores E3 as the global launchpad for video game news, announcements, and excitement," said the firm’s Rich Taylor. "As always, we continue to look forward to their contributions to E3 week and can’t wait to play the games ourselves."

EA will continue to hold private meetings at E3.

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