'Very poor returns' from stereoscopic tech, Riccitiello warns

EA pulls interest in 3D gaming

Electronic Arts has little incentive to invest in the 3D technologies pushed by Sony and Nintendo, the publisher’s CEO has said.

The cause for Electronic Arts’ lack of interest in 3D is due to the market’s own response to the tech, John Riccitiello said.

"Frankly, we have not seen a big uptake for 3D gaming," he explained in a company shareholder meeting in California, as quoted by Gamasutra.

The implications of this claim could be significant, particularly if it means EA’s support for the Nintendo 3DS wanes.

"We haven’t seen a big uptake for 3D televisions in the home, at least not yet. And we’re not here trying to drive the market, we’re here to react to what consumers are looking for."

He added: "Right now we’re seeing better growth focusing on a different technology innovation…online and social. We’ve seen really high returns here, and very poor returns focusing on 3D. So our allocation of resources has been toward the new innovations that are growing more rapidly."

Electronic Arts’ adoption of 3d technology has so far been limited. The group has in the past promoted the stereoscopic 3D technology used in Crytek’s action game Crysis 2.

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