EA Q1: Origin surpasses 50m users, Battlefield 3 Premium subs over 4m

EA has confirmed Battlefield 3 Premium subscriber and Origin user numbers are still on the rise.

As part of its quarterly earnings report announced earlier today, the company revealed recent milestones for both its digital content service and Battlefield 3’s paid subscription model.

Battlefield 3 Premium surpassed 4m total subs, scoring around 500k new signups in the past three months.

EA announced in May that BF3 Premium had reached 3.5m subscriptions and $120m in revenue. The firm did not provide the new revenue total with the updated subscriber figure this time around, so it’s unclear how much it has made from the service with the half-million player boost factored in.

Meanwhile, Origin has gone beyond 50m registered users, an increase of 10m accounts since the previous update in March.

EA VP Andrew Wilson recently claimed the outlet was in the midst of evolving away from a service for driving transactions, and into a service to gamers.

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