EA refutes Mass Effect 3 DLC accusations

The day one DLC for Mass Effect 3 is not already on the disc as some have claimed, EA has stated.

A YouTube user has supposedly proven that all of the content from the paid-for ‘From Ashes’ DLC is already sitting on the Mass Effect 3 game disc and could be accessed on the PC version by simply changing a line of code.

The news echoed the recent admission from Capcom that its DLC for Street Fighter X Tekken is already in gamers’ hands – although they will still have to pay an additional fee to access it.

"From Ashes is a 600 MB+ download with all new content, including the mission on Eden Prime, new dialogue options and conversations with Javik, new cinematics, the Prothean weapon, and new appearances for all squad members,” an EA statement issued to Game Informer says.

All of the above content was completed while the main game was in certification and are not available on the disc.

"As stated previously, in order to seamlessly integrate Javik into the core campaign, certain framework elements and character models needed to be put on disc. We did something similar with Zaeed and Kasumi in Mass Effect 2."

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