EA to address Spore DRM concerns

Spore publisher EA has responded to a number of the complaints being levelled at the publisher regarding its

seemingly strict DRM measures

included in Will Wright’s latest PC outing – and it has stated that it intends to make changes to its current three install limit on the game.

Speaking to MTV, EA reportedly said: That will be changed. The current limit on the number of computers that can be associated with a single copy of Spore is very similar to a solution that iTunes has. The difference is that with iTunes you can de-authorise a computer. Right now, with our solution, you can’t. But there is a patch coming for that.”

EA also pointed out that to date only 0.4 per cent of Spore owners had tried to activate the ambitious PC title on more than three machines.

The EA spokesperson added: EA has no intentions – nor will they ever – of making it easier for people to play a pirated game than to play an authentic retail copy.”

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