EA to release its next-gen games before next-gen hardware

Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 and Madden NFL 25 will be available in their next-gen guises ahead of their respective hardware launches in the US.

As confirmed by Peter Moore, the PS4 versions of all three games will be released at North American retail on November 12th. That’s three days ahead of PS4’s November 15th release date.

The Xbox One versions, meanwhile, will hit retail on November 19th – three days ahead of Xbox One’s November 21st launch date.

In Europe it’s a different story, with both Xbox One and PS4 versions of the trio arriving alongside their respective hardware on November 22nd and November 29th respectively.

All three games will of course be available on current-gen formats ahead of their next-gen releases.

FIFA 14 hits current consoles and PC on September 17th and Battlefield 4 on November 1st. Madden is already out. Customers will be able to upgrade from the current to next-gen versions for a discounted fee.

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