EA: Treyarch CoD titles are B-team

The inevitable war of words between West and Zampella’s new best friends EA and their less amicable acquaintances Activision has kicked off with EA Partners boss David DeMartini claiming that Activision has blown up” Infinity Ward.

Who knows what’s going to happen with Infinity Ward now that they’ve decided to blow up the creative guys that run the place,” he told VG247.

He then went on to claim that Treyarch’s entries in the Call of Duty series, the latest of which is due out in Q4 this year, are commonly regarded as substandard.

The media has identified the non-Infinity Ward years as the B-team years, and just kind of picking that up from the media and looking at the review scores, they tend to drop down anywhere from 7-10 points in a non-Infinity Ward year.”

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