Tiger Woods abandons physical media for its next title, but will it be free-to-play?

EA turning to browser games with Tiger Woods

EA has announced that its latest Tiger Woods title will be coming exclusively to web browsers.

Tiger Woods Online, currently in production at Florida-based development arm EA Tiburon, will require no disc or game installation. The game will be dynamically streamed to web browsers, with EA emphasising how this will allow it to be “accessible and available anywhere”.

It is said that the game will have a “multi-tiered” subscription model, implying that many of the game’s features will be locked away for premium customers. There was no direct implication that the entry-level subscription would be free-to-play, though it cannot at this stage be ruled out.

Reports have previously emerged suggesting that EA has been considering a free-to-play Tiger Woods game.

Back in February – when EA posted its Q3 results which had “significantly missed its targets” by some $150 million – company CEO John Riccitiello spoke of driving direct digital content to the consumer.

“This is a strategic initiative that is very important for the long-term,” he said at the time.

EA is promising Tiger Woods Online will feature “high resolution 3D graphics”, though it is unclear how the game will look and how well it will run at certain internet speeds.

Naturally for a game that requires an internet connection to play, Tiger Woods Online will introduce a number of community features into the game, such as online tournaments.

"Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online is for anyone who loves golf and is on-the-go," said Executive Producer Mike Taramykin. "Whether you have ten minutes on your PC in the office, or hours on your Mac at home, this is a golf game that makes time for you. With Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online, golf lovers can satisfy their golf fix anytime."

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