Sources claim photo showing touchscreen control is genuine

Early prototype PlayStation 4 controller leaked

A leaked photo of what looks like the progeny of a DualShock controller and a Cylon is purportedly an early prototype gamepad for the PlayStation 4.

The picture has leaked within a week of a February 20th event in New York that most believe to be the unveiling of the next PlayStation console.

The photo, provided by Destructoid, shows a picture of a modified DualShock controller with what is probably a touch-screen on the front and a PlayStation Move sensor on the top.

The sides are more rounded than the current generation gamepad, and the analog sticks seem to borrow some from the PlayStation Vita.

There is also a speaker or microphone integrated into the device, an unidentified port on the bottom, and an unmarked button to the upper-left of the touchpad.

Though not yet confirmed by Sony, Destructoid says several sources have verified that it is an early prototype of the PS4 controller, but may not resemble the finished product.

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