Bright Light studio boss to address pigeonholing of casual sector

EA’s Elliott to keynote Casual Games Forum

Harvey Elliott, VP and general manager of EA Casual, has been revealed as the keynote speaker for the forthcoming Casual Games Forum.

Elliott, who also heads up EA’s Bright Light studio, will deliver a talk entitled “There is No Such Thing as a Casual Game or a Casual Gamer".

The session promises to turn an eye to the pigeonholing of games within the sector, and the restrictions that definitions such as casual create.

Harvey is set to argue that casual games simply don’t exist. He will present a case in support of the idea that while developing for a demographic makes sense, the very word casual is ‘misleading and potentially dangerous’.

“There are few people better qualified than Harvey to open this debate, so we’re delighted that he’ll be providing such an insightful, thought-provoking and potentially controversial keynote,” said Andy Lane from organiser Tandem Events, ”and judging by the rest of the line-up, this forum is going to prove really valuable for anyone who’s interested in this particular sector.”

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