Mobigame talks to Develop as EDGE returns to the App Store

EDGE dev â??happy to see EA fight Langdellâ??

French independent developer Mobigame has finally reached the end of an exhaustive trademark battle surrounding its iPhone game EDGE, with the award-winning puzzle title returning to the App Store after a prolonged legal hiatus.

Yet Tim Langdell, the man who sought to take EDGE down, has found his pugnacious trademark chasing place him in the crosshairs of one of the world’s biggest publishers, Electronic Arts.

Speaking to Develop, Mobigame CEO David Papazian expressed his joy at EA’s intent to fight Langdell over his controversial ownership of the word EDGE.

“We are really happy to see what EA is doing for the community,” said Papazian.

EA believes that Langdell’s Edge Games is a dormant trademark, due to a lack of content being produced under the name.

Mobigame, despite receiving approval from Apple to get EDGE back up on the App Store, remains cautious of Langdell.

“We don’t know what will happen now,” said Papazian. “We have the approval of Apple, but we did not sign any deal of any kind with anyone to make this happen. We hope everything will be ok now, but the stress is still here.”

Papazian added that he and Mobigame are “very grateful to the community.”

“All of you did an amazing work,” he said, “and morally it was very important for us and the other victims.”

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