Industry research firm talk-up the importance of US conference in difficult market climate

EEDAR: â??E3 2010 needs to be impressiveâ??

EEDAR VP of analyst services Jesse Divnich has made several forcasts of naotable events at this year’s E3 on his Industry Gamers blog – while also impressing the relevance what he believes will be a boom or bust generating conference.

“This year, many have questioned how the next-generation consoles can survive past 2012, and of course, whether there will ever be a ‘next round’ for someone to win,” Divnich said.

“Simply put, if the Natal, Move, or 3DS fail to excite the industry at E3 2010, our industry could face additional derailment as both public and private funding may continue to focus on other more promising markets such as mobile, MMO and social networking.”

On the subject of potential revelations and announcements at this year’s event, Divnich had several big names and franchises in his sights. He revealed his belief that Rockstar will likely release some GTA V teaser material, as well as a more official naming and dating for Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS.

“Like past E3s, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo [will likely] announce at least 2 AAA first-party titles, each, for their respected platforms,” he went on.

“Nintendo will probably reveal how the Vitality Sensor will actually work, and for which games.”

Divnich continued to express his concerns about the need for an impressive event to shore-up what he sees as ailing industry confidence. He remained ultimately confident, however.

“E3 2010 will be the inflection point for the industry; either E3 2010 acts as a positive catalyst and boosts industry confidence, or it reinforces the negative notions about the long-term viability of traditional gaming,” he said.

“My bet is on the former. I believe E3 2010 will be the best industry event in the history of modern gaming.”

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