Square Enix-owned group still holds significant interest in the studio

Eidos retains 25% stake in Rocksteady

Following the news that Warner Bros had acquired a majority stake in Batman Arkham Asylum developer Rocksteady Studios, Eidos has revealed it still owns 25.1 per cent of the group.

In a statement sent to Develop by Square Enix Europe, the group said: “We, as founder investors, have worked closely with Rocksteady since the studio was originally formed in 2004.

“Our collaboration with Rocksteady and Warner Bros. has produced a hugely successful game in Batman: Arkham Asylum. We retain our 25.1% stake in Rocksteady and will continue to be represented on the board of directors of the company.”

Eidos’ stake means that Warner Bros. majority share in Rocksteady must be above 37 per cent.

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