Either Suzuki is trolling us or… Shenmue 3?

It would undoubtedly be the moment of E3 2015, but can we even dare to dream of a possible Shenmue 3 announcement this week?

Oh, why not? Let’s just indulge ourselves shall we?

Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki has posted something on Twitter that if not alluding to a Shenmue 3 announcement is certainly a cruel joke designed only to shatter the hearts and minds of those who live and hope for a new game in the series.

His tweet includes a picture of a forklift that the designer apparently found at E3. Anyone who has played the original Shenmue will, of course, remember the forklift puzzle.

Suzuki has in the past hinted at a possible third entry in the series. In 2011 he said that he wanted to make it, and that Sega would probably let him, but that the likely budget was the major stumbling block.

In 2012 he then tossed around the idea that he could simply acquire the license from Sega to allow him to make the game, and then last year he claimed to be actively investigating the possibility of crowdfunding the game.

A Shenmue 3 announcement would for many be the standout moment of this year’s E3, even surpassing the possible announcements of The Last Guardian (pretty likely) and Final Fantasy VII (less likely) in the whooping stakes.

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