ELSPA responds to MOH debate

UK video games trade organisation ELSPA has hit back at Defence Secretary Liam Fox’s claims that retailers should show their support for our armed forces” by entering into a voluntary boycott of EA’s Medal of Honor.

There should be absolutely no link inferred or implied regarding support for our troops serving anywhere in the world based upon a retailer selling this game,” director general Michael Rawlinson told MCV.

Rawlinson added that Fox’s outburst was in no way a sign of a breakdown of communications between the new coalition government and the UK games industry, the latter of which has made great efforts in recent years to forge strong ties with Whitehall.

Relations between government and the industry have never been closer,” he added. Unfortunately there might well be games which from time to time are within the law yet are deemed offensive by some members of the public.

However the government understands that the vast majority of games are not only fun but also educational and are part of an active healthy lifestyle.”

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has also distanced itself from Fox’s remarks.

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