Six more projects receive development funds

Epic issues $71,000 in Unreal Dev Grants

Epic has provided six new projects with a combined $71,000 in funding from its Unreal Dev Grants initiative.

Developer Arran Langmead has been awarded $14,000 for racing game Bears Can’t Drift, Untold Games has been handed $16,000 for development of its VR title Loading Human abd $7,000 has been given to Aaron Shea for BLUI, a free Chromium plug-in for UE4 designed to enable UI elements to be created in web objects and served to UE4.

A further $14,000 has been offered to Yanim Studio for side-scrolling platformer Red Goddess, while Supra Games has been given $8,000 for sports title Supraball and White Lotus Interactive has been awarded $12,000 for puzzle-based adventured XING: The Land Beyond.

The latest round of its $5m Unreal Dev Grants scheme brings total funding to date to $210,000.

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