'We'll continue to support UE3 for as long as it makes sense for us to keep doing it', says Mike Capps

Epic pushes Unreal Engine 3 with unannounced title

Epic Games is set to continue harnessing its powerful Unreal Engine 3 with a new unannounced title currently in development, the studio’s president has revealed to Develop.

Mike Capps said Epic was “absolutely” working internally on yet to be revealed projects with the engine, as well its recently announced and highly anticipated iOS title Infinity Blade: Dungeons.

The Epic boss did not say however what platform the game would be released on.

Capps said that there was plenty of life left in Unreal Engine 3, despite being hard at work building UE4, and that it was only a couple years ago that the company was still selling UE2 licenses.

“After Unreal Engine 3 shipped with Gears of War we were still updating UE2 for a year or two after that I believe, and we were still licensing it,” he said in an interview with Develop.

“Even two or three years ago we were still selling UE2 licenses, so I assume there’ll be that kind of crossover. This time around we need to make some decisions about what platforms we’ll support with the new tech.

“I mean, if you want to make, for example a Flash game with Unreal tech, that will probably be UE3 for a long time yet. And I can see that we might still be supporting ‘iPad 7’ or whatever they call it with Unreal Engine 4.

“So, to cut a long story short, no, we don’t have a plan. I’m joking, but we’ll see. We’ll continue to support UE3 for as long as it makes sense for us to keep doing it.”

Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinksi recently revealed that the studio had been working on a now cancelled title in the franchise for Kinect, called Exile, whilst Capps also stated at PAX East the studio was working on a new, unannounced PC game.

To read our full interview with Epic president Mike Capps, you can access it online here.

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