Legal row rattles on as tools firm says studio's case has discrepancies

Epic: Silicon Knights’ claims are ‘disingenuous’

Another punch has been thrown in the Silicon Knights vs Epic Games litigation, with Epic now saying case features many "legal deficiencies" and that many of SK’s arguments are meaningless.

Silicon Knights initiated its legal action against Epic in July, claiming "Epic violated the Agreement with Silicon Knights by, among other things, failing to provide a working game engine."

Epic fired back a counterclaim and motion to dismiss in August, saying that Silicon Knights wants to "unlawfully enrich itself" at the Unreal Engine 3 maker’s expense after "having exploited Epic’s intellectual property to its advantage".

Earlier this month Silicon Knights fired bac, insisting that Epic had "done much wrong".

So, of course its now Epic’s time to respond.

“SK simply wants to defer any consideration of the sufficiency of its pleading so it can oppress Epic with burdensome and expensive discovery,” the UE3 vendor states in its latest court filing, recounted in depth on Next-Gen, adding that SK’s claims that Epic lied about its engines are built on "false statement of material fact" points out Gamasutra.

Epic has restated its desire to have the case dismissed, saying: "Silicon Knights’ brief does not overcome the multiple legal defects in the Complaint. Silicon Knights’ arguments are factually misplaced and at odds with the law. The Court should grant Epic’s motion to dismiss."

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