‘Episodic model widens audience for triple-A games’, Hitman dev says

More triple-A games should consider adopting an episode release model if they wish to capture a wider audience, the chief of IO Interactive has argued.

Hans Seifert, studio head atthe Hitmandeveloper, said that breaking up a title into periodic chunks of content in addition to a traditional full release provides developers with a more appealing offering for a gearter variety of players.

"[That’s] something I’ve personally wanted to solve for a very long time: how we make a triple-A [game] accessible to people that cannot spend $60 on day one, as well as for those people that don’t want to spend $60 on day one,” Seifert toldArs Technica.

The promise remains that if you spend $60 you will get absolutely everything. We will not have micro-transactions and we will not have additional DLC. The whole of season one is a $60 offering, but there are different ways to buy that."

Develop has the full story.

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