Euro customs officials seize PS3s in Blu-ray dispute

Shipments of PS3 consoles have been seized by European customs officers as an LG injunction against Blu-ray technology seeks to block Sony products from sale, according to a report in The Guardian this afternoon.

Earlier this month, LG had filed a claim with the International Trade Commission calling for a block on PS3 sales, saying the device infringes on its copyrights.

The technology firm claims its rival’s Blu-ray disc devices use four patented technologies while, Bravia TVs infringe another four.

At the time, the firm said it wanted to have sales of the PS3 (which plays Blu-rays) and other products banned.

And now, surprisingly, its got its way. The Guardian reports that an initial injunction has now been granted by the civil court of justice in the Hague, leading to all new imports of PS3s to be confiscated.

Authorities made the first swoop last week, and claims say that there are now only two to three weeks’ worth left of PS3s in the channel for Europe if the ban is not lifted.

Sony imports around 100,000 consoles a week into the continent from its manufacturing plants in the East.

The current injunction lasts for 10 days, but The Guardian speculates that LG may lobby for an extension, or a less likely call for the consoles to be destroyed.

The Guardian quotes a spokesman for Sony Playstation as saying, "We are currently looking into this matter, and cannot make any comments at this point in time."

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